One of my favorite jobs to this day was when I worked at a custom made Bobble Head making company. I got to model the heads using zbrush, but also, because of my fine art capabilities I was given the ability to help out painting the bodies. Tiny, intricate details including logos and words- it was a fascinating challenge. Since then I have had the pleasure of working for Paint Nite, a company that sets up painting classes at local bars and teaches people to paint pictures step by step- different every class. These are some of my favorite bobble heads (minus the head) and some of my original pieces submitted to Paint Nite-- as well as some extra curricular paintings and drawings I have done on my own. Most of this work is acrylic as well as a few watercolors as I am teaching myself. My most current project has been something I refer to as a 'Thrift Makeover' - because I take a painting I picked up from a thrift store, and add to it. Usually characters from fandoms or popular images. It's a fun creative challenge!